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LED Small Businesses To Enter The "Single Product Competition" Era

   Recently, the Guangzhou International LED Exhibition, advertising signs and LED -related businesses, enterprises and display lighting companies have flashed trick. Of course, for the lighting industry professionals , the most concerned about trends and technology or product development .
    First, we look at the exhibition on the different types of products to meet the rate . One has participated in the Guangzhou International LED Exhibition visitors said that compared with previous years, this year's exhibit significantly lower rate of LED lights a lot, all kinds of indoor LED lighting products increased significantly. The fact is that . Thus, indoor LED lighting market has been generally accepted , is about to usher in rapid development period.
    Secondly, the indoor LED lighting in different categories were observed, we can find , LED light source is the protagonist . Both the LED bulb or LED corn lights , either flat or LEDT8/T5 lamp lights, the crowd will always attract the most attention . Among them, the most attention filament -type bulb . Although some of the actual type of bulb filament light efficiency skeptical , but did not affect the market sought for this product. It is understood that the filament -type bulb prices can already do about 4 yuan / W.
    Again , LED lighting products tend to homogeneity, purely technical competition has been unable to form a big gap. In this case , small and medium enterprises have turned to LED lighting highlights of their high-quality products , competitive products looking to drive sales of other products . In this case , the scene saw the LED light corn based products business, its LED corn lights up to 30 kinds of styles ; LEDT8/T5 lamp based products to businesses , the show has more than 20 no shadow , waterproof, "soft " light ...... various concepts are manufacturers shouted out , who can finally come to the fore , as well as to the market test.
    Finally, after which low-power LED lighting products have been recognized by the market , there are large margins of high-power LED lighting products manufacturer has become one of the objects pursued . In this one , LEDCOB the most promising type of product manufacturers . Although the show did not have too many companies exhibited COB type of product , conversation, industry insiders agree that , in June of this year Guangya Exhibition , COB lighting products are most likely to dominate.

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