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Asia's Richest Man Li Ka-shing Investment With Heat Nano LED Lighting Market

     Recently, Asia 's richest man Li Ka-shing to invest in shares Nanoleaf through the harbor , the development of nano- LED bulb products. Li Ka-shing personally "play light" , so that investors favoring stocks on the LED lights . Hong Kong stock market multiple LED lighting stocks share price rises .
    88% energy saving compared with traditional light bulbs
    Developed by the engineer Tom Rodinger NanoLeaf photometric light bulbs use 12 watts of power generated , equivalent to 24 watts general saving bulb, or 100 watts traditional white lights , energy saving effect " in the history of the strongest ." According to reports, the traditional energy saving lamps lighting 30,000 hours , high tariffs of nearly 800 Hong Kong dollars , and want to change four light bulbs . And with Nanoleaf, a light bulb can shine the whole foot , also only half of the electricity , less than 400 dollars. Products Web site shows the price of each light bulb just 35 dollars.
    Energy and money , Nanoleaf working with the Li Ka-shing 's investment philosophy hit it off in recent years, and the earlier "Superman" investment company Hampton Creek artificial eggs are very similar , both from the hands of young people . Both have the " make life , earth better " philosophy, the desire is very touching , but the real Superman or impress their " money" King . Hampton Creek president Tetrick previously disclosed , the company will focus on access to finance into Asia , especially China market . The Nanoleaf more step ahead , already in operation in China and shipped to the New Year in Malaysia 3000 customers, but because of the Lunar New Year factory shutdown, short supply, there are still 700 customers could get to arrive after the holidays .
    According to the company website on the lights in the immediate 360-degree light bright , then just 12 watts up to 1600 lumens brightness, compared with 88% of general incandescent reduce power consumption . Its products can be continuously spend a minimum of 30,000 hours , compared with only 1,500 hours of incandescent life in general , greatly extend ; And after some time , touch the bulb , but also feel hot.

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