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Think In The Internet Layout Of LED Lighting Industry

     Internet, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet has apparently sparked a revolution in the traditional retail model , the development of the Internet era of e-commerce has brought changes in lighting channels, this reflects changes in the whole network of channel sales model already make full pattern of constantly adjusting the lighting industry .
    During the Spring Festival , Guangzhou Tianhe Area with well-known author in the appliance retail brand stores noticed that many counters are withdrawn venue . Obviously, line the store 's "Winter " is not just in the appliance industry , the entire lighting channel construction companies are seeking to break the electricity supplier , in most of the traditional channel resources are Philips, NVC and other " princes" of the separatist carve , under construction cost line the store is too high , the electricity supplier channel is to be as small and medium enterprises, especially sales growth last straw. We can say that e-commerce has been on the line multi-level distribution system had a serious impact.
    Many companies are simply unable to figure out the root of " straw ", LED lighting business to mobile providers basically in a state of enlightenment . The fact is , the majority of enterprises in the electricity suppliers to develop Internet marketing channels , thought only of how to expand microblogging letter influence in Lynx open platform Taobao shop , proved this marketing influence often just confined to a small area , and can not fully release consumer expectations Internet user groups , then the electricity supplier layout thinking how to get rid of small workshops ? how to build corporate brand
    LED lighting in the e-commerce and supply chain integration summit , participants generally expressed optimism about the development of e-commerce , traditional business model has emerged differentiation . "Subversion of traditional enterprises is not the Internet , is backward thinking and organization" goods transit network CEO Liu Wan Lan said the situation is gradually traditional commodity sales channels surrounded by the separatist , but not because of the emerging electronic channels LED enterprises to pay attention not afford diversion effect. She believes that the need for the construction of an electricity supplier channels Internet thinking. Under the impact of the Internet wave , accustomed to the traditional mode of thinking channels district is undergoing a difficult period of adjustment. And this Internet thinking , I believe that is reflected in the innovative products, services .
    Low cost and easy spread of online channels , but the user experience of the service has become a short board , but this is the advantage offline channels , how to avoid weaknesses strengths , which requires innovative thinking of the Internet , O2O model fusion concept of operations online and offline for enterprises to construct a better future , the next line of consumer online sales , the traditional channels of distribution as the electricity supplier and user experience center, and electricity providers as traditional channels to promote trade and windows, complement each other.
    At the same time , construction O2O model itself constrained by all sides, including the members to open up the system , marketing system , commodity system , all aspects of the payment system, the full realization of this process is not easy , but we need to develop these Internet innovative thinking.
    On the Internet , a lot of short-lived and enduring products , with only a gimmick as the product may be like night-blooming cereus bloom time, but eventually will be dying , on the contrary , the real enduring products must be regarded as a good product. If so , LED lighting business , whether traditional channels or channels to open up the electricity supplier , are inseparable from the good intentions of the product , and only a good product is everything to achieve sales premise.
    Today is a big problem faced by traditional enterprise product is out of touch with the reality of demand , resulting in sluggish sales , consumer demand for a range of user data does not reflect in product design , which is out of touch with the user . Internet era rely patted his head to make business decisions resulting consequences have been far more than any time . Internet way of thinking requires a user-centric , based on product design and marketing to establish the way consumers live scene modes , insight into consumer demand and cultivate a fan effect . Thereby shortening the distance between the product and the user .
    Internet is not hard and fast thinking , the actual situation is not isolated Internet thinking, open online and offline , users and products to achieve the integration of online and traditional enterprise business platform and lines, electricity suppliers are using the Internet to develop thinking problems to be solved .

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