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LED Headlamps Or Available To Indicate The Future Direction Of Travel

     LED technology is currently in the car has a wide range of applications, including daytime running lights , tail lights , showing the wide lights , LED lights luminosity required to meet the current automotive safety . The technology behind LED lights contain sophisticated electronic control strategy.
    Advantages of LED
    Compared to halogen and xenon lamp , LED lights have many advantages. Designers can use LED lamp unit layout a more attractive design . In the luminous efficiency and safety , LED lights are superior. LED emits light of a wavelength closer to the sun , the other road users, the LED light is irradiated by the discomfort of much less than a xenon lamp and a halogen . With driver assistance systems , today's LED lights can also adjust the Spotlight prevent glare caused to others .
    LED lamp life of about 10,000 hours , which is about 10 times longer than conventional bulbs . Energy consumption , a single LED light unit power is 18 watts , while a xenon lamp , compared with 35 watts .
    The importance of the control unit
    LED lights with conventional headlamps different , not the use of the vehicle 12-volt electrical system , which has its own unique electronic control unit.
    Adaptive headlights in the latest technology , the electronic control system components need to do more collaborative tasks .
    Some car daytime running lights to LED lights, and fog lamps using halogen or xenon lamp . The control unit can control LED lights and other types of lamps.
    LED lights standard
    Front LED headlamps models using the number of species is gradually increasing, and now even the compact class models will be equipped with LED lights.
    The next LED light
    Future , LED lights not only illuminate the road center , also based driver assistance systems illuminate the edge of the pedestrian road . The navigation system information , auto LED lighting will be in the form of pulses to prompt the driver to direction . With the launch of Matrix LED lamp technology, the future headlight unit will abandon the use of mechanical components, and thermal management and lighting control will also become more complex.
    Overall, the future will be more than just a single LED lamp lighting system , which will combine with the automotive safety systems and auxiliary systems for the driver to provide better comfort and driving safety.

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