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The New BMW X5 Facelift LED Driving Lights Lanterns

     X5 biggest change than a whole new generation of BMW design with the new family style uniform, compared to the previous generation models, more dynamic vitality, more fashionable rich. Although the new X5 body size has increased, but thanks to the lightweight material, but has been reduced overall body weight, performance and fuel economy to improve in varying degrees.
    The new X5 front of the current model compared to a lot of the young, the classic kidney grille is a symbol of eternal BMW while giving details of the BMW X5 more new elements, so that the new X5 is more engaging .
    The new X5 facelift headlights with LED driving lights lamps, and with active steering and automatic high beam system, using the latest BMW family “open eyes” design, the inside part of the headlight in close contact with the network and more slender headlight styling is even more sharp than the older models.

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